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"When the producers ask me to 'make the audience cry' I pick up a red phone which connects me directly to Jodi. She has been my secret weapon from my first gig in Los Angeles--Buffy The Vampire Slayer,  through my most recent--Castle. Each and every time, it is a privilege to hear my music resonate from her cello."


Robert Duncan, Award Winning Film & Television Composer

"Jodi is bliss to work with! Her bright attitude makes every session a special occasion I look forward to very much. She is dedicated to perfection, and in every note she tells the story I imagined."


Kim Planert, Award Winning Film & Television Composer

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"Jodi ALWAYS brings my music to life. She doesn't just play the notes, she tells a story. Each note is played with such expressiveness and depth. Jodi is a complete joy to work with. Her professionalism in wanting to perfect each take in the way you envisioned it is priceless. Anytime I need to 'pull the heartstrings' in my music, I know who to call. "


Layla Minoui, Award Winning Film & Television Composer

“I have known Jodi Burnett for over twenty years and highly recommend her as a cellist of the highest caliber.  Over the years, we have hired Jodi to perform for a wide variety of services at All Saints Church: weddings, funerals, concerts and Sunday services.  She has performed with our All Saints Festival Orchestra every year.


She has always brought the highest level of professionalism and musicianship to whatever the occasion -- always reliable and a pleasure to work with. She arrives at rehearsals and performances on time and well-prepared, and her mastery of the cello is revealed in the beauty of the sound she produces.


Jodi is a delight to work with, and it is a pleasure to recommend her.”


James Walker, Director of Music

All Saints Church, Pasadena, California

2010 - present

2010 - present

“Jodi Burnett and I have been colleagues and friends for many years. I have hired her for countless performances at churches, orchestras and beyond. She is a pleasure to work with. Always a consummate professional. On time, prepared, and easy to have in my groups. I am proud to know her and highly recommend her for any musical setting.”


Carrie Holzman-Little, Orchestra Personnel Manager

Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

“Jodi Burnett volunteered to teach beginning and intermediate cello students at Limerick Elementary School, Canoga Park. She immediately established a positive connection with the students. She provided each student effective instruction suitable for his or her ability and experience. The improvement in their playing was evident as was the students gratitude for getting to work with her. 


I would recommend Ms. Burnett very highly for any coaching position.” 


David Early, Music Educator

Los Angeles Unified School District 

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