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Solo Recordings

I’ve always loved working on TV shows and movies, playing in the midst of large ensembles, surrounded by the majestic sounds of an orchestra.   However, my favorite gigs have always been working one-on-one with composers, discussing the parameters of a given scene, and helping them to create the musical language that supports their vision.  

Last Resort

I had the pleasure of playing solos for the ABC show, “Last Resort.” Composer Robert Duncan received an Emmy nomination for this incredible score.  


“Castle” is currently going into its 7th season on ABC.  I was a huge fan of the show--okay, so I’m a major "Fillion Fan"--before Robert Duncan and his amazing team of Layla Minoui Hall and Kim Planert called me in to work with them on so many of the pivotal scenes of this great show. 

Big Thunder


I was just finishing up a few cues on “Castle” when Rob poked his head out of his cave/ studio to see if I could play a line he was pondering for the main title on a pilot for a TV show based on Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain Railroad. On the screen was handsome Steampunk dude, like a young Tim Curry emerging from a train tunnel in the middle of nowhere with dead bodies laying everywhere in his path. I think it turned out pretty cool considering it was just a musical experiment. 

Video Clips from Film and Television 


Here's where you get to listen for my cello solos on these big scenes from, "Castle." 

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