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About Jodi Burnett


     I’m lucky that I’ve been able to enjoy a great career as a professional cellist for many years. I grew up in Los Angeles, tagging along with my dad--trumpet player, Joe Burnett--while he worked at all the famous Hollywood film and recording studios. When I was 12 years old, after I’d been playing the cello for about a month, I already knew from the minute I witnessed an orchestral scoring session that becoming a studio musician was my destiny.


     After learning the ropes in private teaching studios, various music camps, training orchestras and prestigious college programs, I finally joined the ranks of the L.A. studio musicians I’d grown up admiring.  Nothing has been more rewarding than getting to perform with my musical heroes in several professional orchestras. In addition I've worked extensively with legends such as Barbra Streisand and Paul McCartney along with performing on hundreds of records, awards shows, Broadway shows, film and television soundtracks. 


     In between gigs, as a hobby I’ve always attended various writing workshops. Even though I tried to get away from all things music, having grown up in a musical family--singer, Irene Kral is my mother and cabaret legends, Jackie and Roy are my aunt and uncle--I realized that all of my stories in one way or another brought me back to my musical roots. 


     Currently, I’m writing professionally for websites, blogs and other media in addition to my cello work as a studio musician, performer and instructor. I’ve recently completed a book of short narrative non-fiction stories about my mother titled, “Scraps-A Recollection,” soon to be published. A few of those stories along with other musings can be found on my blog--Being Irene Kral's Daughter.


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